Tuesday, May 31, 2011

..back to real life..

..but i don't even really mind. this last weekend was picture perfect. this is what went down:

thursday chelsea and i reunited and rekindled our love for each other. we climbed some rocks (just kidding. we only attempted to. we sucked at it.),


ran through a bat cave,


went to her sister's continuation and made eyes at some quarterback,


had a barbeque, ate some of the best frozen yogurt i've ever had, and creeped on some sunburnt man on the other side of the window. clearly the day was perfection.

friday i went to will's house in superior. and it was the greatest. we p
layed some baseball, jumped on the tramp,went hiking with his sisters and brother,


ate some of the best frozen yogurt i've ever had, had some yummy broccoli (and) beef, won at mini-golfing, watched the only good part of disturbia (aka the first ten minutes), had a lesson in (nebraska) football, and, of course, went on my first go-karting adventure of my whole life.

saturday i finally started reading a book for a civ paper that's due in, oh, six days. and then we went to denverrrr. it was fantastic. my gosh. it was in my top ten nights of my entire life. outdoor concert,





cheesecake, chelsea, jordan, crazy coloradans.. what more could i ask for?!?! nothing, i tell you. nothing at all.

and then sunday was chill and perfect and involved teaching the youth about going to college, reading by the pool, and playing games.

well guess what? now it's tuesday and it's real life and i'm not even mad. it was the bomb-est weekend but already this week rocks, too. i skyped paige and ethan this morning while eating my frosted mini wheats, i don't even have a tummy ache today like i did, oh, all day yesterday, i found out i got an A- on my programming midterm, and there were yogurt granola bars electrical taped on my car when i woke up. plus, it's not even monday, so there's only four days til the weekend.

life's good.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i am having the absolute best weekend.

why hello. paige has been prettyyy mad at me lately for being a terrible blogger. sorry paigalicious. here's the thing though. life is good. super good. and here are three reasons why.

1. im in colorado right now with chels. i like this girl. a lot. also her little brother blake who says we are besties. but really mostly i love chelsea and every second i am here i am just so happy i could scream.

2. i played some mini golf yesterday. and rather than being labeled as a liability, i was called "slightly above average." hey, i'll take it.

3. chels brought me to the pet store where they had a (wait for it...) PUGGLE. this morning my mother said to me "you sound a little obsessed." well guess what? i am. and playing with that puggle was the most perfect 20 minutes of my life. i don't even like animals. but i want my baby benjamin so bad :-/


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a tutorial

today i would like to discuss frosted mini wheats. specifically, i would like to discuss the proper way to eat frosted mini wheats. there is only one right way. so pay close attention.

first,pour out twelve frosted mini wheats. arrange them frosting side down in the bowl, three by four.

second, pour a tiny bit of milk on them. just enough to get the frosting wet. do not cover them. you will regret it if you do. milk should soften, not drown.

third, use your spoon to flip each frosted mini wheat over. please do this as fast as you possibly can because soggy frosted mini wheats are naaaasty.

fourth, eat your frosted mini wheats left to right, starting at the top. repeat once, because a serving size is 24 frosted mini wheats.
(don't mind my makeupless face. i get bored in the mornings and have to take breaks for things like breakfast before i am done getting ready.)

if you think this is excessively complicated, it's probably because you're the kind of person who likes oatmeal and soggy frosted mini wheats. and if that's the case, i think you're disgusting.

this week has been crazyyy. but today is going to be wonderful. i am going to finish working, go to civ, finish packing, go to programming, finish packing again, and then get in the car with will for a glorious eight hour drive to colorado so i can finally finally see my best friend chelsea. hello perfect?!

Monday, May 23, 2011

doesn't even matter

despite the fact that it's rainy for the eightieth day in a row and it's chilly and i have to walk to class in the chilly rain in only one hour and it's so cloudy and dark that the entire glass tanner building is dark and gloomy and as is becoming a habit i went to bed too late last night so i'm tired and i lost uno four times in a row last night which means i lost the bet and i have a truckload of homework to do tonight and tomorrow so i can go to colorado this weekend and i have class all day today and my hair is a mess partly because it's raining and partly because i didn't get my butt out of bed until eight this morning and i wore sandals today when i should have worn my new sperrys cause it's wet and i have a random gash in my finger but no bandaids and i haven't had any time at all to go running for a week and i don't like two of the four new pairs of shorts/jeans that i bought on saturday so i have to return them sometime this week and i am a little bit overwhelmed all the sudden by how much i have to do in the next 48 hours.... despite all that, i am h.a.p.p.y. today. and i'm just smiley. and it's a good feeling.

Friday, May 20, 2011

go-fish, pirates, and the weekend.

so last night we went to the midnight premiere of pirates.

the most important thing that happened is that we found out brooklyn has never played go-fish before. in fact, brooklyn did not even know the rules to go-fish. so cory and i took it upon ourselves to teach her. three-year-olds across the globe play go-fish every day, but brooklyn, bless her heart, struggled. "this is a really confusing game." - brooklyn.


but the movie was good. i liked it. almost fell asleep about eight times, but i liked it.


and then my friday got off to a not-so-wonderful start at 9:17 when i woke up and realized my alarm had not rang at 7:00 when it was supposed to and i was an hour and a half late to work, since i was supposed to go early to let someone in. so that was really neat.

still, i'm glad it's friday because it's felt like friday for the last two days but it just wasn't. midterms are over and i think i rocked them, i got a 99% on my programming project, and tonight means tucano's with will. so, ya know, life's not so bad. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

it's monday.

haiiii. i'm tired. starting the week out by going to bed at three on sunday night was probably not the wisest idea. whatevvvvs.

it was my first day of work without stephen and it was weirddd. i wasn't such a fan. but i worked on a bunch of stuff and then studied for midterms for a while and talked with holly and then work was over and i was disappointed it wasn't warmer outside / that i didn't have sweatshirt.

and then began a marathon four-hour session of sitting in class. two hours of civ, one hour of midterm review, a 10-minute walk across campus, and another hour of programming class. as brent says, "your brain can only absorb what your butt can endure." guess what? my butt got over this whole sitting-in-class thing about four hours ago.

but the good news is, my program that i turned in today rocks. so if anybody would like to calculate when they need to cancel an insurance policy in order to receive any target refund, let me know. i can hook you up. wish me luck that my midterm goes as well as projecto uno did. (again, i would like to say: midterms already? whaaaaa?!)


yay for the week of studying that is staring me in the face...!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

no time for cameras, we'll use our eyes instead

best. weekend. ever.

it all started with civ on friday, in which i forgot to study for a map quiz and still aced it, and forgot to print my paper but received full credit after emailing it to the TA, because my paper was so "well thought out" and "thought provoking." thank you. i wrote that in ten minutes after about ten hours of nonstop programming frustration.

then i made some incredible progress in my programming project that's due on monday. and then i went to malawi's pizza with david harrison smith. guess what? best pizza ever. and dave is legit cool. so it was fun.

after thaaat, i went to some friends's soccer game.. they lost.. but it was still cool. and then it was bonfire time!


love summer.

saturday i went to my uncle's wedding which meant lots of family which was the greatest. my grandma gave me an hour's worth of boy/life advice and made me show her facebook pictures of just about every person who i have ever known.

and then today, church was pretty good except i had the wiggles really bad and megan was incredibly distracting (ha just kidding. lav you.) and the bishop asked me to speak next sunday so that's going to be great. but then the boys came over for dinner and aubrey made carne asada and it was delishhhhh.




and my program is done (i thinkk. i hope. please don't let there be any more secret glitches..) and aubrey and i went for a walk and it was so, so beautiful, and now it's time for ward prayer and then a sunday drive and i'm sad the weekend is over (especially cause it's midterms this week.. already?!?!!) but guess what? only two more weeks until memorial day weekend which means a sweet roadtrip and then CHELSEA!!!!

i'm happy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

here are some things that have sucked lately.

(as usual, this is in no way a comprehensive list.)

1. it just won't make sense for me to apply to the isys program this summer. so i get to be here for three more years. which is only six semesters, which will put me at at total of 9 semesters to graduate, which isn't terrible, but three years is a loooooonnnggg time and i'm bummed.

2. while everybody's tweets, statuses, and blogs are about how sunny and warm and summery it is, it is forty degrees and rainy in provo. my socks have been wet all day. and i'm not loving it.

3. i should have been working on the five programming problems that are due at midnight tonight all weekend. i wasn't. i was doing civ reading all weekend. so now i get to work on it all night. cool.

4. programming boy not only appears to have a girlfriend, but he appears to have a girlfriend whom he calls "my babe." minus two points. maybe even three.

5. i spent two hours in civ today thinking about how badly i wanted pizza. then i went to buy a slice of pizza, for four dollars. i've never spent four dollars more poorly in my life.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

saturday is a special day..

i think that song is silly.

today was awesome times ten. it consisted of:

1. waking up at eight and hiking the y with aubrey (loooove that girl). there are a few things i would like to say about hiking the y. a) it was freaking steep. b) it was ten times bigger than i imagined it. and c) i liked it quite a lot.

2. h.o.m.e.w.o.r.k.
3. daydreaming about what might happen if i can hopefullypossiblymaybe apply to the isys program THIS JUNE instead of next june and be done with school in two years instead of three, sacrificing my life and sanity in the process.
4. grilling hamburgers with mckenzie and aubrey. i can see why grilling hamburgers is a boy's job. but still. we rocked it.
5. laying by the volleyball courts in the 85 degree sun for four hours with aubrey. these four hours consisted of a lot of talking, a lot of checking boys out, and a lot of apples and peanut butter. (and honey in the pb. who knew?!)
6. meeting some boys who felt like it would be a good idea to play the "five question game." which was so clearly a game created solely to find out whether or not girls have a boyfriend, and then to ask them out. clever of them? i'm going with a big fat no.
7. shoppingggg with cristina.
8. natasha's wedding reception with cristina and dan. i like them a lot. and i'm not even just saying that because cristina reads this. i just legit like them.
9. and then, of course, more aubrey. :)

i like summer. i know it's not summer yet, but when everyone's in swimsuits all day and it's 85 and the sun is out, it's hard not to just feel good about life.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

not even complaining

don't worry. i'm still alive and well. apparently i just don't blog when i get busy. which is something i haven't had to experience since, oh, about senior year. so that's bringing my life some excitement.

basically my life consists of work (love it), eating delicious food at work for lunch (love it), doing my homework (don't even mind it), running (i loathe the altitude in utah), going to cristina's (perk of living in the same town as her: i get fed dinner. just kidding. i mean not really, that really is a perk, but i am crazy about my sister even without the food), hanging out with my roommates, and listening to voicemails from paige. i genuinely pity anybody in the world who has not experienced a paige voicemail. she has a special little voicemail voice that is just glorious and makes my day better every single day. sometimes twice a day, and occasionally even three times a day.)


i like going to byu. i like my roommates. i like my classes. i like working on writing a program for, like, four hours and then getting it to work and feeling like i actually did something. i like using my brain. i like working hard. i like being taken seriously. i like my life right now. a lot.

also, i just ate some easter candy. it was mixed together in a plastic bag. and i would just like to say, peanut m&ms and jellybeans eaten together accidentally do not mix well. i can't get the taste out of my mouth. hello yuck.