Wednesday, September 22, 2010

camera one closes in.. the soundtrack starts.. the scene begins

there's something about having school and work from nine to five that results in a permanent state of not enough hours in the day.
but, i guess that is life.
life's been good.
i love this place.
here is my life ahora:

we like picnics.

especially with picnic baskets, picnic dishes, and dinosaur sandwiches.
(okay, that's just me, actually)

we like picnics even if we're not the greatest at taking pictures of ourselves.

this is the face zack gives me a lot.
i think it means "what in the heck are you thinking, amy?"
but it might not.
i mean, maybe it just means that he likes me.
but i don't really think so.

last weekend zackery and i went to provo.
we went to a safteysuit concert.

it was fantastic, i tell ya.
zack's a little selfish though..
he says i'm not allowed to be in love with them.
not even a little bit.
not even just as backup.
rude, huh?

also we saw cristina and dan.
which was just wonderful.
especially her new picture frames.
they're rather attractive.

and one more thing.
we got dinner at this place in chubbuck.
it was hands-down the best ham grilled cheese i've ever had.
and the fries were to die for.
so i just wanted to say that.

so tonight i'm just pretty darn happy.
tomorrow i get to see taylor, which is rather exciting.
and ann's getting married in less than one month.
and next weekend is general conference. :)
and then the weekend after that i'm going to palm springs for a sweet 48 hours with my family.
i cannot wait.

i'm loving my classes, especially early field experience.
today my cooperating teacher told me i have the best first grade teacher handwriting she's ever seen.
thank you.
also i love children's lit.
the teacher's all about a "zion class."
so we spend a lot of time doing unity-building activities.
and it's actually pretty cool.

as always i love my job.
enough said there.

that's my life in a nutshell.
i'm pretty lucky :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm only laughing because i can't hold my smiles in

well i'm back.
and i like it even more than before. :)

my sisters and i drove out last week. it was such fantastic fun. as usual, we took almost no pictures. maybe someday we'll learn.

we honestly thought this was the funniest sign in the world when we were little..
actually, we still do.
okay, fine. only i still do. whatever.

when i got to idaho, i had it all planned out what it would be like to see zack again. but as always, he had something else in mind.

i like scavenger hunts.

and then on monday zack and i went to bear world, thanks to my wonderful grandma, since i didn't get to see any at our cabin. it was such an adventure. especially the bear cubs. they were adorable!!

i finally got my room all set up just how i wanted it. today i'm going to make a bulletin board with my brand new hot glue gun from cristina. and i'm going to go buy a pet frog with kylie! and i am just sosososo happy to be back. and i adore ann and kylie. i missed them so much but i didn't even realize exactly how much until i saw them again.

classes start tomorrow, and so does work. which i was excited about, but the truth is that i'd rather just not go to school or work and hang out with zack all day. ohhh wellll. i have to get my educaaaationn. plus one of my classes is elementary early field experience which means i get to go to the schools and wear a nametag that says miss cragun. cool, huh? i think yes.

i am just on top of the freaking world.