Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this week has been weird.

vegas was the greatest, ever. literally. every second of it was just perfect. but then sunday came and will went one way (to arizona) and we all went the other way (to provo) and the family has been broken up and things are just plain weird now.


(meet our adorable little family. the fact that darren is brown and older than both his mother and his father is completely irrelevant. as is the fact that tommy's convinced it's a cult. it's not. it's a family.)
it's been kind of strange, actually. drew's home, will's home, tommy moved to lanai, cory doesn't come over anymore, and aubrey has been working. yesterday i re-remembered why i like to be alone. i'm not a very social person in general. i like being with my friends, but i don't like making new friends. as i have made perfectly clear (here and here, for example) i don't like when things change, and making new friends, by definition, is change.

yesterday i spent a few blissful hours all by myself, which is something i haven't done in probably a month. i like just being alone with my thoughts. i like writing in my journal and reading my scriptures and just thinking.

it was nice.

Friday, June 24, 2011


with the end of the semester last week, it is now summer and life is good. i cannot believe it is already the middle of june. end of june, really. sometimes i wish life would pass so much more quickly, but right now i wish it would slow down. dramatically.

this weekend, vegaaaas with mis amigos. three hours until go time.



Thursday, June 23, 2011



meet paige. paige is one of the best fraaaands i've ever had in my entire life. paige and i text more each day than i have ever texted anyone in my life, i think. and quite frankly i like it. especially now. because this is what happened approximately one week ago:

amy: i know it's a long drive but it's super inportant so i'll do it. don't feel like backspacing to correct my spelling. don't mind me.
paige: amy from now on can i never correct my spelling? i don't wanna but i don't wan tyou to be mad.
amy: i'd love that. i get so tired of texting and that would really help.
paige: i think that thought at least 9 times a day. tjat was supposed to be 8. oh well. i wish i could tell my pgone what t text you. I WISH WE HAD WALKIE TALKIES.

and my life has not been the same since.
paige: haha sorry that im wnjoing it too much and forget to actually corect my texts when i send them to other oeople.
amy: oohing noooo paige that's bad. of court i mean oh no but it happens.

paige: fame or stick it?
amy: fame. i've never seen it. so don't be mad if it sucks.
paige: ill neber spake to you again if it sucks. be prpepared.
amy: i could ember be prepared for you to lot speak k me
paige: it took me a hwhilen but i finallyg got that. love tou.

paige: no amy. cause were eating jealthy reMEMber? your idea kitten.

paige: amy its my job to make you laugh. imyour gf, your pic, your vip, your world, your everything.
amy: i don't know what half of those things mean but i can jobesly say, you are.

i just like paige. i wish everybody could have a paige in their life. paige is the best of both worlds. because she is the funniest girl i ever in my life have met (we're going to start a youtube talk show. so stay tuned.) but she is also the best person to call when i am having a rough day.

she is truly my pic, my vip, my world, my everything.


Friday, June 17, 2011

along for the ride

i'm the only one at work today, and it's been pretty slow since it's the day after the semester ended. for the last three hours i've been reading a sarah dessen fluff book, listening to taylor swift, and occasionally eating a milano cookie. life's not so bad.

and yet for some reason all i want to do is go home, crawl into my bed, read my book, and maybe cry. i'm not really a crier. and i have nothing to complain about in my life. but it's just one of those days. and i'm not sure why.

but i guess it's healthy to have that kind of day every once in a while, right? a person has to feel empty every once in a while in order to appreciate feeling full.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

on the other hand..

here are some things i do not like.

accidentally not going home until 1:30 the night before a muy importante final, and then spending an hour and a half on the phone helping someone with a project that's due the next day when i have to wake up at 8.

taking said final and getting a..well.. let's not even go there. let's just say i am not impressed with myself. please cross your fingers for me that i'll get a decent grade in the class anyhow..

biting into a carrot while writing flashcards and then looking up and seeing that somebody is standing there. almost had a heart attack.

feeling in the morning like it would probably be okay if i didn't shower, shook yesterdays curls out a little bit, and swiped some mascara on my eyes, and then realizing after my isys final is emptied from my brain that that was not, in fact, a great idea, but not having time to go home and make myself presentable.

on a brighter note, however, some things that i do like include: watching she's the man (instead of disturbia) under the stars; eating super healthy food all day and wanting to go running worse than anything; completely bomb letters from missionaries that i can't stop rereading; that tomorrow at this time i will be d.o.n.e. with finals and my first semester at byu (ehh. i know it's just spring. let's count it anyhow.), the library, and life.

well. this has been a lovely ten-minute reprieve from studying but my flashcards are calling to me.. i will make up for the recent utter lack of pictures later this week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh haiiii

this is what i like:

i like when it's tuesday which means switching shifts with brent and working the afternoon but i don't sleep in because it's finals which means using my time wisely and going to the library all morning so i set my alarm for 8:00 because i like to press the sleep button a few times but my 8:00 alarm doesn't ring for some unknown reason but luckily my backup 8:10 alarm does ring and i wake up disappointed because i think i'm supposed to get up at 8:15 but then i remember that i actually planned to wake up at 8:30 so i get 20 more blissful minutes of sleep and life is good.

i really like that.

i also really like when every single part of the program i've been working on every spare second for the last week WORKS and i'm done with the program which means i get to start studying for my tests.

which, consequently, is what i'm going to go do right now. it's been fun. nice talking to ya. adios.