Saturday, July 31, 2010

so hot we'll melt your popsiccccle

i sincerely believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a minnesota lake. we went to lake washington today, which is our usual lake. the water isn't crystal clear and every once in a while there are too many boats per square foot. but the trees are such an incredible, vibrant green, and the sky is blue and the clouds are nothing short of picturesque and i love that lake. no waterskiing, but we read and went tubing (for a very short period of time) and ate rainbow twizzlers (which i think it is safe to say absolutely nobody recommends) and it was a good time even though it was hotter than hades. probably literally.

bee and i went running after the lake. it was a fantastic run. the kind that is effortless. the kind where my legs could just keep going and going. the kind that i breathe in and out and in and out and it's not a chore, it's just breathing. the kind that makes me remember exactly why i run. it was great fun.

today i'm just thankful. is that okay, even if it's not thanksgiving? i'm thankful for brianna. i'm thankful for my mom and dad, who sometimes fall asleep holding hands on the back of the boat. i'm thankful for cristina, who is one of my very best friends. i'm thankful for ann and paige and kylie and abel. i'm thankful for zack, who didn't even say anyways the last time i said anyhow. i'm thankful for mint cow tracks ice cream and hot summer days and new cameras and the book of mormon especially mosiah. i'm thankful for driving with the windows down and tithing and air conditioning and sleeping in my own bed for six weeks. i'm just thankful for everything, for the big things and especially for the little things.


21 is a good movie.
i watched it again tonight.
and i really like it.

and tonight was just great.
dq sprinkle ice cream cones are my favorite.
and so is catching up with people i haven't seen in forever.
missed you :)

and especially fireflies.
they don't have them out west, i don't think.
i really like fireflies.

and i like guadalajara with my family.
they're the coolest.
my family, i mean, not the people at guadalajara.
not that they're not cool.
but you know.

and i just can't stop winning at scrabble.

and trevor's going to the phillipines on his mission.
i'm pretty excited for him..
really excited, actually.

today was a good day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"lllaaaaamaaa! it's time for breaaakkfassst..."

i finally found someone who loves the zoo as much as me. of course, she's five, but that's not really the point. brianna and i took the little girl she nannies to the petting zoo today and we just had the best time. except that the llamas there are the strangest looking llamas i have ever laid eyes on so that was concerning.

and bri told me about her trip to tonga for about six hours this morning and it made me a little nostalgic for peru last summer. but mostly it made me glad that i have a baby sister who can lay on her bed with me and ramble on for hours and hours and just have the most fun ever.

grades were posted today and i'm mostly pretty happy about them.. beyond irritated with my spanish teacher who doesn't believe in grades so he just randomly posts grades at the end of the semester and viola! that's what you get. suuper bothersome. but that's okay, i never have to see him again..

it's official, i'm never seeing my rav4 again... sad, huh? i'll miss it. especially cause i like driving stick, a lot. buuut i guess that's okay cause i'll get a new car with wayyy better gas mileage and a functional transmission and a good engine. so that will be a nice change.

i miss my job!!

ummm.. i guess that's mostly all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"i just wait for the 'yahoo!'"

i love positively everything about summer. but most of all i love waterskiing. and we went last night for my first time this summer. it was so worth the wait. the sun was setting and the water was glass and it was incredible. i'm so happy to be home but i am already counting the days til i go back to school (forty-three).

also, i am crazy about my father. he is the funniest, smartest, wisest, most thoughtful man i know. just for the record.

i love being home with bee. she is my best friend in the whole world and i adore her. yesterday we went on another cub foods run, and i am pretty sure there is nothing more fun than going to the grocery store with my little sister. silly, huh?

and today it's my birthday so i think i might like to turn nineteen today :) i woke up to a smiling bri holding a package from a certain boy that just put a smile on my face first thing. and we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and i'm just ready to have a fantastic day. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wake up to color

what a weekend! zack and i went to boise and the engine of my poor rav4 blew! we were thirty miles outside of boise and had to get it towed and it was quite the adventure. but we went to roaring springs saturday night and it was so fun! and then on sunday we rented a 2010 camaro (hey, we had to get back to school somehow!) and drove it home. doesn't get much better than that..

and then yesterday we had to bring the camaro back and zack brought me to the zoo on the way home! i loved it sosososo muchh. zoos are my absolute favorite, but mostly because of the lions. i'm fairly certain that lions are the most beautiful, attractive animals in the whole world. i could just stare at lions for hours. and these lions? exceptionally attractive.

i love it here so, so, so much. i have never in my life been so happy. i love my job. i literally wake up at every morning excited to go to work. i am crazy about my classes. i adore my friends. i'm pretty fond of my boyfriend. i'm wayy excited to go home, but i'm soooo sad to leave this place in the summertime!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

connect the dots

this state is just so beautiful in the summer. i'm in love.

saturday, fireworks. best show i've ever seen. also the first real fireworks show i've seen in several years. i miss watching them from the middle of the lake at our cabin, but hey. it was a pretty good trade-off.

sunday, long aimless drives with paige. and raspberry white chocolate chip cinnamon rolls. zack's pretty good at making them, i guess...

monday, mesa falls. absolutely stunning. and then invictus. still not really sure what that movie's even about.. dumbest movie i've ever seen, probably, except perhaps duplicity. but also homemade strawberry ice cream! nothing beats that..

also, i love nilla wafers.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

happiness is the soundtrack of my life. -grey livingston

today has just been the most incredible wonderful fantastic day.
i got an A on my psychology test.
i played with paige for a long time.
i ate toy story 3 mac & cheese.
i went off-roading to a waterfall with zackery.
i watched the sun set from the top of a mountain.
i smiled a lot.
im happy.