Thursday, April 4, 2013


Everything's just a waiting game right now. Waiting for the end of the semester (twwwwo weeks). Waiting for finals. Waiting for the last term of my undergrad. Waiting for the weekend. Waiting for a trip with my parents in three weeks. Waiting to find someone, anyone, to hire to replace me in this office. Waiting for an email in my inbox. Waiting for clarity on future career/education/life plans. Waiting waiting waiting.

On Saturday we invited Jason's brothers over for pumpkin bread and then went to the BYU spring football game. Oh man I love those boys. They are the best and it was such a fun morning. Jason was so giddy to be at a game. Also the pumpkin bread was bomb so that's always a pleasant surprise because it means maybe the general conference cinnamon rolls I'm going to make on Saturday morning will turn out, too. :)

 photo photo_zps2b464230.jpg

Monday and Tuesday were a bit of a mess because I was busy making up for the homework/papers I didn't do over the weekend. But by Wednesday my week calmed down and Brianna came over for dinner and we chatted for a few hours and the three of us went for a walk and it was picture-perfect-beautiful weather and I went to sleep a happy girl. I am a happy girl. Even if it means waiting.