Saturday, February 26, 2011

i couldn't be happier

i've been feeling creative lately.
i love feeling creative. where my hands just want to make something and my brain won't stop thinking about all the things i could do and every sentence i make in my head comes out a little more poetic.

so today i made a craft. saturday is a good day for a craft, and considering how very little i did yesterday, i needed something to do. all in all, i made this with only two trips to the store and $38 dollars. it needs a little touch-up but for now, i really love it.
on monday i'm going to the store, and i'm going to start an art journal. i'm excited about it. (look here or here if you don't know what an art journal is.) i have a whole list of ideas and i can't wait to get started.

and i found this quote. i am freaking in love with it.

"I live now and only now,

and I will do

what I want to do this moment

and not what I decided

was best for me yesterday."

~Hugh Prather

Friday, February 25, 2011

oh, and ps..

i got my acceptance letter from byu tonight.

i'm not for sure that i'm going to go, but i'm pretty darn sure i don't want to graduate from byu-i, for a whole host of reasons which i will refrain from going in to. i was honestly a little bit nervous that i wouldn't get in to byu this time, despite being accepting as a high school senior.

my gpa at byu-i is a lot lower than it should have been (3.75), so i was a little (okay, a lot) concerned. but i guess i've done some cool stuff since starting college--volunteering at an orphanage in peru, working in the byu-i vp's office, secretary-ing some committees... so maybe i can attribute my acceptance to all that. frankly i don't really care what it is, i'm just relieved to have the option to transfer.

so now i'll go celebrate. :)

gotta love my life..

so most of this off-track has been fairly productive. i've been working and reading books and running and having a good time and keeping busy. but sometimes, it is just rough to get out of bed.. mostly because i don't need to if i don't want to. and today was undoubtedly one of those days.

this is what i have accomplished today. please don't think less of me.

-made a blueberry muffin mix in a bread pan.. i wish i had muffin tins.. it's just not the same.
-showered. got ready.
-read a book. yes, an entire book. it was lovely.
-did my laundry.
-watched the office.
-ate cheese and crackers. (which is pretty much the only food i like anymore. doesn't it look YUMMY?! still don't know what happened to my appetite or when it will come back..)

-watched parks and recreation. times four episodes.
-took a nap.
-worked for 1.25 hours

aaaaand that has been my day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i want.

first and foremost i'd like to give a shout out to tanner. we all know this blog is all that keeps him going.
just kidding.
but seriously.

second, i would like to discuss a list of things that i would like to accomplish by the time i turn twenty-five. ready? let's go.

1. work at an orphanage in a south american country for three or more months. like paige. i'm supposed to be there with paige right now. and i wish i was. paige has an armful of bracelets made by ecuadorian orphans. and i'm jealous of it. luckily i have almost six years before i'm twenty-five, so i'll make it happen.

2. play this song on the piano. i think it is the most beautiful song in the world.

3. read everything hemingway has ever written. i love hemingway. i'm going through another phase.

4. buy a puggle and name it benjamin.
5. own a real live camera and take legit cool pictures. which will probably require taking a photography class.

6. pet a lion. preferably on an african safari.
7. run a half marathon. (there is no way i will ever in my entire life run a full marathon. period. so love me anyhow.)

that's all i've got right now. i'm sure some more stuff will come up. i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hi there.

one day last summer, brianna, mom, and i were driving home from the cities. for some reason, we stopped at the apple place. i can't remember why. but we found a rack of cards.

they. were. hilarious.

they were the most awkward, strange cards i have ever seen. so we bought some. and brianna saved hers for a rainy day.

today in the mail, i got a letter from my baby sister.
i love getting mail. love, love, love, love it.
but this was definitely in my top five favorite letters i have ever received.
i'm still laughing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

oh gosh

i'm having a long week.

yes, it's only tuesday.
no, i'm not taking classes.
yes, my job consists only of working on the computer.
no, i haven't been in rexburg for more than five days in a row this entire semester.

but yes, i am tired of this week.
i am tired of rexburg and i am tired of my brain being full.
also i am tired of not having things that i have to do.
it gets old.

i'm ready for the weekend.
sunshine and 70 degree weather?


oh wait. it's only going to be in the sixties and it's probably going to rain?
ehh. who cares. get me outta here :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

show and tell

there are three things that i am particularly thrilled about right now.

1. this backpack.
it's bri's old backpack. i have wanted it for about a billion years. but it was lost.. presumably given away. i was devastated. but brianna surprised me by bringing it out to utah this week. cause she found it. yayy :)))

2. this cheese grater.
i know you want to laugh. but don't. just try it. and let me know what you think. then just try to laugh.

3. best for last.

as a teenager, i read time magazine front to back every single week. loved that thing. and one week, there was about a six page article about this new thing that was coming out. it was called the iPhone.
i was obsessed with iPhones. i loved them. i was more passionately interested in them than you can imagine. probably more than was healthy.
but, i could not get one. not only because i was a poor 15-year old, but also because at&t service where i'm from sucks. so that was rough.
this is the phone i have had for the past two years.
it's wonderful if you're into the 100-decibel-vibrate, loud-clicking-keys kinda thing. which, as it turns out, i'm not.

luckily i have the coolest mom and dad in the world and as soon as verizon came out with an iPhone, i was allowed to put that baby in my hand and call it mine. greatest moment of my life.
i am on top of the world.
and yes that is a lion. i love lions. what can i say?!

i skiied.

it has been such a perfect weekend, no joke.

i went to snowbird with my family to go skiing. i absolutely love my family and i didn't even mind skiing this time :) we went to alta and i put on my new white snowpants and it wasn't half bad. i went down some black diamonds (which i usually steer very clear of.. i don't like going fast. don't laugh.) which was impressive for me! but then bri made me go down this one that i wasn't very happy about and i just was positive i couldn't do it.. but i was already part of the way down. so some nice old austrian man came up behind me and gave me a ski lesson the whole way down. it was so cute of him. and i made it. even through the moguls, thank you very much. i even stopped snowplowing that much. :)

so i was proud.
you might think i look extremely awkward in this picture. that's cause i do. don't worry about it.

also, happy birthday to my mom on friday. she is the best mom i could have ever asked her and i love her so much. she's incredible.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last Lions

there are three things that i'm excited about right now. so hold onto your chairs, i'm about to share them with you.

1. going to utah. duh.

2. this freaking movie that is coming out so soon i can almost taste it. i love lions. i love documentaries about animals. i love lions. i love lions. i love lions. i am doing to die waiting of anticipation. aren't lions the mot attractive animal in the world??? please don't judge me. or do. i don't care. i love lions.

3. this blog. i am always, one hundred percent of the time crazy about busy bee lauren, but this post was seriously the kind where you sit and laugh to yourself for at least ten minutes.

and that is my life.