Sunday, October 31, 2010

i'm siiiiick :(

my throat hurts.
and i'm exhausted.
i think i'm getting sick.
so that's going to be fun.

on the bright side, i drank my first hot chocolate of the season.
i like hot chocolate.
except when i burn my tongue.
which is, to be honest, every time i drink hot chocolate.
oh well.

Friday, October 29, 2010

my holiday rant

i would like to dedicate this to miss karly percifield.
thank you for your inspiration, karly.

it has come to my attention that only fifty percent of the holidays are really worth celebrating.
not saying i boycott the rest.
just saying i'm being reasonable.
let's start at the beginning.

valentine's day.
everybody knows valentine's day is ri-dic-u-lous.
i just don't understand how you can manufacture romantacism.
am i right or am i right?

saint patrick's day.
who even really knows what this is? i definitely do not.
and yet i always super dread that day in case i forgot to wear green.
weird, huh?

i like easter.
i like easter egg hunts, and that my mom still hides easter baskets for us.
i like decorating eggs.
i like easter music.
so easter's all right.

fourth of july.
i've always been kind of whatever about the fourth.
i love america.
i'm all for patriotism.
but i think it's kinda dumb in general.
i missed the fourth for like three years in a row.
and i didn't mind one tiny bit.
but this year i quite liked it.
i mean who's going to pass up barbeque and fireworks?

(this comes after the fourth in my list because my birthday comes after the fourth.)
birthdays are most often a buzzkill.
i'm not really a huge fan.
i mean i like when my mother makes me ribs.
and i like cake as much as the next kid.
but birthdays in general?
i'd rather skip it.

there are three genres of halloweeners.
first, the people who are obsessed, plan their costumes for months, and liiiive for the day
second, the people who are kinda whatever, who just dress up because everyone else does.
third, the people who would rather the holiday didn't even exist.
i fall firmly into the third category.
i hate being scared. hate it. i'm serious.
i would so, so much rather just watch a chick flick.
maybe decorate halloween cookies. i mean that's fine.
also pumpkin cookies. that's fine too.
but that's it. that is where i put my foot down.

i know thanksgiving is all about being thankful, about families, about being together.
and i'm all for that. really, i am.
but how many people really spend meaningful time pondering how thankful they are at thanksgiving?
the moms are worried about cooking, and the dads are worried about football.
in the end, it's really little more than a celebration of the obesity of america.

like most of the world, i love christmas.
we have our traditions.
watching the santa clause movies 800 times, the christmas tree game, figuring out our presents, making christmas food..
and i love every part of it.
except christmas day. i hate christmas day.
because it means it's all over.
and that's lame.

in conclusion.
holidays are pretty dumb.
i mean i know they're not going anywhere.
and that's fine. i pretend i like them.
but the truth is?
i think they're silly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

another week begins...

ann got married.
and it was suchh a cute wedding.

laura and zackery and i went down to utah friday night.
my grandma fed us homemade bread.
it is honestly my absolute favorite.
someday i plan on being able to make bread like that.

saturday i got to see cristina for a little bit.
so that was fun. plus she gave me like eight new recipe ideas.
then we went to the temple.
ann's so pretty :)
and thenn we went on a walk.

it was way, way too cold.
that's what's happening right now:
it's getting cold.
i'm sure i'll get used to it.. i always do.
after all, i'm from minnesota, dontcha know?
but for now it's just cold and windy and cloudy and i don't like it one bit!!!

anyhow it was a pretty good weekend..
i like being home better.
but utah's alright.

ps i aced my ed241 midterm today. i'm really proud.
and i got an A on my science quiz.. which is quite unusual.
okay, to be honest, it's never really happened before.

and i'm sitting across from two people having a full-on picnic at the david o. mckay display.
it's weird. people don't do that.
particularly because of the rather large sign saying "no food or drink please."
and they have a whole basket of food.

Monday, October 18, 2010


things i love about my life:

rice lunchboxes from japan
doing art projects in class almost every day
wearing uggs because its finally getting cool enough
grilled pizza
roommates who make cheesecake
finding a fantastic parking spot.. right away
budget binders
a boyfriend who will come unlock my car.. twice in ten minutes.. when i lock the keys in the car
home teachers
carmel apples
ann and jonny getting married in five days
the fact that someday i will get a new phone
my sisters
sunday postsecrets
the candy corn bowl at work (love those things)
general conference talks
leaves changing colors
science quizzes

oops just kidding about that last one..
wish me luck.

Friday, October 15, 2010

it's friday.

fridays are long.
as are mondays and wednesdays.
that is because, on these days, i have two two-hour classes.
it's wonderful.
actually that's not true at all.

there is only one thing that is getting me through today.
they are called nilla wafers.
i am 100% certain they are the most delicious food on this planet.
unfortunately there are only two more nilla wafers currently in my backpack.
bad news?

my teacher just told a joke.
we're talking about dew point.
and she feels compelled to say,
"i wonder if there was a manna point in the old testament.
i think it was probably just righteousness point though."
thank you for that brief distraction.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rancho mirage

so i went to palm springs with my family last weekend.
i definitely wasn't complaining about the 95 degree weather.
we stayed at the coolest resort.
the best part was some guy in knee-high argyle socks at 11:30 saturday night.
he decided the pond by the golf course would be a great place to go fishing.
umm.. hello?
i'm thinking not.

it wouldn't have been a family vacation without a family picture, of course.
so that was fun.
also dad turned i-don't-really-know-how-old
on 10/10/10!
cool, huh?

we went for a little hike, mostly through the desert.
but also through a palm tree forest.
it was awesome.
very swiss family robison-esque.

and the last wonderful part of my weekend?
finding my next craft :)
i'm going to make a heart like this, with skeleton keys inside.
i am so, so excited.
isn't it adorable?!?!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[insert some really clever title here]

it has been an excellent week.

we went rollerblading by the river in IF
i positively love rollerblading.
and i saw taylor!!
so that was fun. since it never really happens.

we watched the sunset on a mountain.

it was magnificent.

we went to the waterfall..
and had a picnic there!
could anything be better than that?!
probably not.

also we watched the sunset.
surprised? :)

we went kayaking.
and it was gorgeous.
seriously, i love this state.

it's raining right now.
it hasn't rained for a long, long time.
i'm not really used to it not raining.
unfortunately i left my umbrella at home..
..for the third day in a row.

i have a science exam tomorrow.

but also tomorrow..
palm springs with my family!!!
cannnnnottt waaitt :)