Thursday, December 23, 2010

so.. i got my hair cut...

one day, there was a little girl who wished she was a boy. and so she said to the lady that cut her hair, "brenda, i want my hair cut like a boy."
so brenda cut her hair like a boy.
that little girl loved that boy haircut. and that girl's little sister loved that boy haircut. so she got one too.

only somehow she looked even more like a boy than her older sister did. one day at church, a real boy said to the little sister, "how come are you wearing a dress if you are a boy?" the little sister cried. and so the little sister grew her hair out and looked like a girl again.

but the big sister wanted to look like a boy. one day while she was playing at the park, some teenage girls said, "let's let this little boy go first." and they were talking about her.
she was thrilled.
eventually, she grew out of that stage, and so did her hair. she decided she loved being a girl and never wished again that she was a boy.
but she still didn't love her hair long.

and then the little girl was grown up, and she was getting married in only three and a half months. she went home for christmas and she went to the hair cutting place. and brenda said, "what would you like today?"
and the girl said, "just a trim, please."
but then as brenda talked and talked and washed the girl's hair, the girl couldn't stop thinking about having short hair. because even though she was getting married so, so soon, and even though she always had wanted long hair at her wedding, that girl really, truly hated not having short hair.
and so she told brenda to cut it off.
and so brenda did.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

it's time to go HOME :)

i'm on the airplane from denver to msp.
i love minnesota.
and i'm very content right now to be watching music and lyrics
and facebook stalking in the sky.
it's a beautiful thing.

now i need to go home.
and i need to eat some fruits and vegetables
and a few home-cooked meals.

((ps i love drew barrymore..
and i wish i had a lisp.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tis the season..

what am i excited about today, you ask?!?!
well, i'll tell you.

a) going home.
this, of course, includes eating oreo truffles (i hope), homemade dinners with two vegetables every night, sleeping in my own (very, very, very) comfortable bed in my own room, no homework, and, naturally, my mom and my dad and my baby sister.
(photo from

b) christmas.
the christmas tree game, figuring out what our presents are long before christmas day (yes, we still do that at my house), eggs benedict for breakfast, ham for christmas eve dinner, and nativities.

c) these boots.
which i want for christmas.
(mom, please consider this a gentle reminder. just in case.)
d) going to grandma's for christmas!!
i love colorado, i love playing games at the table with grandma, i love estes park, and i love my grandparents.

e) a roadtrip to colorado.
i adore roadtrips.

f) seeing cristina this weekend!
and maybejustmaybe eating some red robin at some point? i could really use some fries.

g) being done with classes.
to be quite honest, i have been over my classes for about three months now. just kidding, it's not that bad. but i am definitely not shedding tears of sorrow.
oh, and ps, specifically, this means: being done with science.

h) making christmas cookies tonight with jonny and ann and zackkk!!
the fat, thick, delicious kind, with buttercream frosting. mmmmmmm.

i) making new years resolutions.
i really like those things. and i'm in a goal making mood. which is perfect.

i) look. mostly, i am just excited to go home. i miss my familyyyy. so just let it be saturday already!!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

dominic the christmas donkey

the semester is ending..
..and i can't say i'm sad.
at all.

last week was my last week at my early field experience first grade classroom.
loved those kids.
so boyfriend and i went to their christmas program.

i dare you to find cuter christmas donkeys.
(christmas donkeys? what the heck?
yeah, i don't get it either.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

today i love..

i was a little bit early this morning while walking to class
which gave me a few minutes while campus was empty
just to think,
which i don't do nearly enough of these days.

i just had such a feeling of gratitude, for everything about my life
and especially about this school.
i love byu-i.

i love
crisp winter mornings
warm wool mittens
a dad who will take time to talk to me
only having nine days til i go home
christmas lights
the scriptures, general conference talks, and the power of prayer
homemade mac and cheese
sisters who really want me to be happy
my incredible friends
starting class with a prayer, and letting the gospel be a part of class discussions
having a car that works
lindt truffles
a mother who always knows when i need her
that there are only exactly four months until i get married to my best friend

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i would like to talk about fritadas.
which, as everybody knows, are my absolute favorite.
i don't really make them that much.
zackery makes them.
but, here is how you make a fritada.

1. cook about a third of a box of penne noodles.
2. saute a tablespoon of diced onions.
3. add half a bag of spinach to the onions.
4. cook the spinach.
5. add the cooked penne noodles. but don't stir.
6. beat four or five eggs. pour them over the noodles.
7. cover and let cook on medium about seven minutes.
8. use a spatula to flip the entire fritada.
9. sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese on top.
10. cook two or three more minutes, until eggs are firm.
11. eat it with some sweet baby rays.
12. experience euphoria.

seriously, i love these things.
a whole, whole lot.
so make one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

yayyy for to-do lists

i need to go to sleep.
i'll write about my weekend manana.

but for now, i would just like to say:

i am so not looking forward to the next two weeks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"then it's a date.. let's shake on it."

so last night zackery and i went to fat cats.
and we played pinball.
i wish i didn't have to say this buuut..
..i kicked his butt.

and then we went to tangled
which was my absolute favorite.
seriously, i loved it.
i want to watch it again and again.

mostly, i'm just happy.

also, only seventeen days til i get to go home :)