Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yayyy for airports..

this is what i hate:
this is where i am:
the airport. on a 3.5 hour delay.

and this is what i have to look forward to:
a four hour flight tonight
a three hour drive to rexburg tomorrow
a three hour drive back from rexburg tomorrow
a three hour flight on sunday
and a two hour drive home.

but that's okay. virginia was bomb. details and pictures laterrr. :)

also i learned something. while you might think leggings are the perfect airplane attire, let me tell you..they are not. on account of that they do not have pockets. which might not seem like such a big deal. but you try not having any pockets at an airport. it's mildly obnoxious. don't say i didn't warn you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i struggled.

every night at ten i go to the gym.
today it was just chelsea and me. we always run around the indoor track. today, we just weren't feeling it. so we went to the real live gym.
and i'll just admit it: i have never been to the byu-idaho gym. i'm more of a run-outside-or-around-the-track-or-if-all-else-fails-maybe-at-the-apartment-complex-treadmills kind of girl.

so first, i get pissed at the guy driving down the wrong side of the parking lot. he was about to take my spot. and i was mad. until chelsea said, "umm amy.. you're driving down the wrong side of the parking lot."

we go inside. chelsea punches her i-number in and walks through the turnstile. i pretend i know what i'm doing. i punch my social security number in four times before i realize that's not my i-number. cool. chelsea comes and helps me. after entering my i-number twice, i finally make it through the turnstile.

here is a list of the things i know how to use at a gym: 1. treadmills. 2. ellipticals. 3. free weights. 4. stair steppers.
we go to the ellipiticals. but they aren't normal ellipticals. they're combination stair-stepper/elliptical/whoknowswhatelse and it goes right. over. my. head. chelsea suggests at least three times that maybe we should just get on a normal elliptical. i guess maybe that means i was embarrassing her. it took a good ten minutes for me to figure those babies out.

so it was a great trip to the gym. i learned a lot. which is definitely always what i strive for when i go to the gym..
please love me despite the post-workout look that i'm rocking. (i just spelled that word "wrocking." umm... okay?) also love my sparkly black nails. i can't get enough of them.


somehow sushi looks a lot less appetizing with a giant hole in the middle of every piece where the avocado used to be.
what a nasty little pile of avocado. eww.
(but also, let's be honest. sushi in idaho? what was i thinking?)

also i got my bumper on my car fixed. so i don't have to look like a hobo anymore, which is cool. except that i still need a new hub cap. so i guess i kind of do look like a hobo. oh well.

Monday, March 21, 2011


i had the most wonderful week. it included:

going shooting in the desert
clam chowder on the pier
playing on the beach
watching the last lions (LOVE)
eating ice cream sandwiches
rollerblading in newport
not taking pictures
watching limitless (pleaaase go see it)
shooting my first (and last) revolver
almost getting eaten by a bird. and a chipmunk.
going puppy shopping
a lot of things i can't remember because i'm tired
aaand more playing on the beach.

it was the most fantastic week.

i also worked on registering for spring classes (accounting, western humanities, need three more credits), had a phone interview for a job at byu (office assistant) got the job (sooo freaking excited about it), read time magazine, finished a biography about a boy with asperger's, and learned a lot about myself and what i want from life.

once in high school, my dad wrote me a note. my parents are good like that. they know when we need things like that.
in this note, my dad said "limitations are self-imposed; dream big. then, keep the dream before you."

i love that. and right now, i really and truly believe that my dad is right. maybe it's just because i've been off-track and haven't been going to school, but i am so excited right now just to learn and to work hard and to do as much as i can before i grow up. i am so excited about what life holds for me and i'm so very excited to do my very best to reach my potential.

ps only three more days in rexburg..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

pedal to the floor

once while driving from cedar city to california, dylan made us listen to this song on repeat for about a hundred hours. and i thought i was going to kill myself. but today, i won't complain. life's not so bad. it's drizzly and cold right now.. but i'm one flight away from sunshiiiiiine. so that's good news.

i'm bad at packing.
first of all, it takes me at least two hours. i don't know why. i just can't speed myself up. second of all, i always, always, always forget something. usually something important. it's all i can do each time to hope that i won't forget my underwear. like that one time when i was nine. i had to wear it by day and wash it by night. it was lovely, to say the least.

last night i couldn't sleep. at all. it was miserable. so--big surprise--i slept through my alarm clock this morning. or maybe it never went off. who knows. so that was neat. luckily somehow my internal body clock woke me up at nine (let's be honest, that is quite miraculous, considering i drag myself out of bed every morning at nine. i wish it wasn't true. it's embarrassing. but what can ya do?!) and i ran outside in the drizzle to do my laundry real quick so i'd have two hours to pack.

of course i put my towel in with the rest of my wash. which i didn't realize until i was in the shower.

so this morning has been great. and my room is covered in to-do lists and DON'T FORGET TO PACK ______!!!! notes. so let's hope that somehow, magically, i get this packing this figured out someday.

and that's a wrap.

i now am the proud owner of a legit craft box.
this week i altered a dress, decorated a cake,
worked on repainting my bird craft, and made my first chipboard album.
the album isn't done yet but it looks bomb. so stay tuned for the owl that will be added before long.

today was my last sunday at byu-idaho. i was surprisingly not sad. at all.
but i have loved being here. unlike so many people that can't wait to get out of rexburg, i loved it here. i loved how small it was. i loved my teachers. i loved the people i met. i loved the mountains, even though they were an hour away. i especially loved idaho in the springtime, and i'll be sad to miss it this year.
but that's okay. i'm excited for new things, and that means that leaving will be a good thing.

Friday, March 11, 2011


things i hate

-when people hold hands at the gym while moving from machine to machine. or while walking around the track. really, people? could you please just do your own thing for, like, five seconds?

-making eye contact with people you used to know but now have zero social obligation to.. and then walking past them three more times and having to do it all over again.

-finding books at the library at byu-i. which is the single most confusing library i have ever set foot in.

-that my favorite jeans are getting a hole.

-when the dvd remote gets lost. which means we have to watch gossip girl on the computer. yayyy.

-chelsea: "i have a vitamin d deficiency." me: "what exactly does that mean?" chelsea: "it means my body doesn't have enough vitamin d." thaaaank youu chels.

-that girls start busting out the flip flops when the temperature hits forty.

-oreo pizza at craigo's. oh wait. just kidding. that stuff is heaven on a plate.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"blog title?" "umm strawberry pancakes pudding and cream. aka no idea."

thank you for that, bee.

i had straight up the greatest weekend.
and even though this picture is ridic because the sun was absurdly bright and i was so tired of taking pictures, i love these girls. you can call them chelsea and quincy. i call them s and b. nbd. they're scandy.

i wish it was summer because i'm getting bored of running around the track every night.. also this whole weekend i have been in the kind of mood where i just want to lay on the grass and look up at a blue sky filled with white clouds and smile and be happy about how life is going. because honestly, my life rocks.

(so come back, paige. it's your job to lay on the grass with me. kaythanks.)

this week had better go fast.
but if it doesn't, that's okay too. i'm just happy, that's all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

cheers to the freaking weekend

loooooove that song.
here is a list of my three favorite songs right now:

*disclaimer: no, i do not watch glee. in fact i never have in my entire life. i just love this song.

and here are some more things i am loving right now:

being 70% sure that i am going to change my major
running at night (i am soooo over the whole morning-work-out-thing)
making lists...lots and lots and lots of them.
awkward chinese restaurants with sadie
registering for classes
that i am getting my car bumper fixed (yessssss)
chelsea's obsession with the word totes
three cheese (which will never, ever get old)
that spring break is almost heerreeee!!
matthew mccoughnehey in the wedding planner/failure to launch
getting paychecks
how i met your mother, modern family, and life unexpected
not wearing a coat outside
long conversations with my sisters
rereading old journals from the past three years

and most importantly....
that it's the weekend tomorrow!!!!

ps i want a puggle so bad i'm going to die.