Friday, February 21, 2014

cookies and the like

The best part about three-day weekends is that the week after a three-day weekend is almost over before it's started. Four days long? Ain't no thang.

My heart yearns for the day we get Google Fiber. T-minus one month! And then perhaps my TV shows will only be 22 minutes long, instead of 45 including buffering. And I won't have to read all my blogs on my phone. And Jason can read the news to his heart's content, regardless of which seat on the couch he's sitting on. Life will be good.

What sucks is that I still have an hour and forty-seven minutes left of work and I just ate my last snack. It was a pumpkin banana muffin and it was delish. I've been making muffins for the last month and a half to eat as a pre-workout snack on my way to the gym after work. Jason probably hates me because I usually leave the sugar out. But I think they are SO good. My favorite recipes are here and here. I die.

I went to the library on Wednesday and I can't tear myself away from my books now. I love reading. How silly of me not to do it more. Also Jas and I had a Cookie Intervention two weeks ago. We decided we eat entirely too many cookies. We'll eat SO crazy healthy allll dayyy long, and then I make cookies. It was bad for a while there. So we had a Cookie Intervention and decided to put a stop to our cookie eating. I haven't made cookies for an entire week so I would say that's definite progress.

I like this boy.