Sunday, November 28, 2010

top five

highlights of my weekend

1. crafts :)

2. matching blue flower tights with abby.. every other month, that is

3. walks through the snow

4. going to the temple.

5. a looooooooooong drive back to idaho at 40 mph

it was an excellent week :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thanksgiving breaaakkkkk!!

so zackery and i are at his house cause it is thanksgiving.
i really like it here :)

on friday we pretty much almost died driving here.
but thaaaaz okay!

on saturday we went to leavenworth.
it was fantastic.
i have a picture, but it is on zack's camera.
sooo.. stay tuned.

on sunday we ate a FRITADA!!
ummm.. i like fritadas a LOT.

monday i had the most wonderful day.
and i got to see zack's mom's special ed preschool for a little bit which i loved.
and i made a hot pad!! cool, huh?
also i had a tummy ache, because i get those a lot.
so pam gave me a water bottle so i can drink more water and maybe it will fix my tummy aches.
i'm not sure what exactly it is, but this water bottle does something that makes water SO DELICIOUS.

last, i would like to give a SHOUT OUT to keenan,
who sometimes offers to give me a glass of milk when he thinks i want one.
he is fantastic, as you can tell.

this one is entitled "lovers." thank you, keenan.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

cars, problems, and good friends

something about me owning cars never works out.

exhibit a: my rav4.
loved this car.
it didn't love me.
four months after buying it, i had to replace the transmission.
six months later, the engine blew.
and that was the end of that car.

exhibit b: my corolla.
this was my car in high school.
i bought it from my parents after the rav.
i like this car quite a bit.
but i woke up this morning to a flat tire.
what in the heck?!
this much stuff does not happen to normal people.
i don't really get it...

luckily, i have the best roommates in the world.
kylie put on her boots and a sweatshirt over her shorts and drove me to school.
i love that girl.

i also love when i come home from class and find notes like this on my desk:
aren't chelsea and kylie the absolute greatest?
i like them. :)

but ps? zack took my car in and they fixed my tire for freeeee.
so, i mean, that's pretty good.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

has my room ever been quite this messy before?

it's been quite the week.
it hasn't necessarily been a long week.
it's just been a full week. and i'm tired.
as is evidenced by my current room situation.
love me through it. :-/
the worst part? i honestly don't care that it is such a terrible mess right now.

i took a science test tonight. and got a solid 64. greaaaaaaat.
i hate science.

i slept through my alarm this morning.
getting ready in 15 minutes is always wonderful, if i do say so myself.

mostly, though, i'm homesick.

i miss my mom.
i miss going home for lunch and just talking to her while she ate leftovers and i ate ham-and-cheese pitas.
i miss her telling me goodnight eight times before i finally go to bed.

i miss my dad.
i miss when he would come into my room and lay on my bed and we would just talk.
i miss him playing the piano while i fall asleep.

i miss cristina.
i miss watching the santa clause movies with her.
i miss sophomore year when we would talk on the phone for hours, her in the basement in her bed and me upstairs in mine.

i miss brianna.
i miss brushing our teeth together in our purple bathroom.
i miss going on runs and drives and to cub foods and making cookies.

i'm homesick. :(
and even a chocolate cupcake from the cocoa bean can't really fix it.
it's only four more weeks. only four more weeks til i go home.
that's what i keep telling myself.
i don't know if it's helping.

Monday, November 8, 2010


i like snow.
i like skyping with my family.
i like pumpkin cookies.
i like finishing big projects.
i like kylie.
i like sitting in the temple parking lot and just thinking.
i like when the internet at my apartment works.
i like fritadas. (a lot)
i like anticipation.
i like uggs.
i like finishing weekend to-do lists.. on saturday. :)
i like sweatpants.
and i like life.

(but i don't like squooshy grapes.
that's something i have a pretty big problem with right now.)