Monday, October 31, 2011

a whole lotta nothing





i don't have anything funny or witty or insightful to say. so i'm probably not going to say anything. but i had a good weekend. a great weekend, actually.

and i can confidently say that i will never, ever wear 90's jeans again. once is quite enough.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

state of the union

every time i start a new journal, the first page is a giant list of my loves and hates. this is not a new journal. clearly. but it just feels like time to make a list. also, i'm having a terrible day, and having already written a two-page email and multiple texts about it, it's quite frankly either a state of the union list or a ranty, whiny blog post continuing my complaining. so, count yo blessings, yo.

  • the cocunuty deliciousness of almond joys
  • sweaters
  • uggs
  • my sisters coming over on wednesdays
  • mittens (pleasepleaseplease can it be cold enough for mittens yet?)
  • getting my bangs cut
  • watching people awkwardly flirt outside my office door
  • studying in the extra office at work
  • "you're his huckleberry whether you want to be or not."
  • accounting, especially bad debt expenses, and especially the test i need to take this week
  • people being lame
  • being homesick
  • the mess that is my room
  • the mess that is my desk at work
  • not sleeping
  • showering (oh wait..)
  • fights with roommates
  • biting the edges of my nails until they really really hurt and i have to put bandaids on
  • hiring
  • STOMACHACHES (can i be done yet?)
  • gluten free bread
  • pompous arrogant obnoxious students who come into the office
  • not having enough time to get everything done
  • not having enough time to get anything done
  • art class
  • wednesday, october 26, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i would like to entitle this blogpost: shout-out to jason

not really.
but really.
happy, jas?

my weekend was spent babysitting my cousin, not sleeping in, eating sushi and sucking at bowling, playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball, teaching him how to rollerblade, bringing him to his very first byu football game, not doing homework, learning everything possible about cars and soccer players, not watching meet the parents, talking all through church, making ham and cheese grilled cheese, ham and cheese on toast, ham and cheese sandwiches, and ham and cheese spaghetti, and eating the most delicious mashed potatoes ever at the demke's. also, now that i'm home, all of my thoughts seem to be in a british accent. probably because nothing (and i mean nothing) is cuter than a seven year old named oliver with a british accent.




and now i'm back home and honestly i didn't realize how much i don't like being at my apartment until i wasn't here for a weekend. so that's a lovely realization.
and now i get to do an entire weekend of homework in the next, oh, two hours before i hopefully can go to bed early.

over and out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my little sister is concerned she's too intimidating for me..

this is the text conversation i had with bri today after she took the stats test, which i am going to take tonight.

which translates to, congratulations on another 100% (or very, very near 100%) on yet another test, little one.

but most of the time brianna's great, particularly at football games.

this was a few weeks ago, or whenever it was that we kicked san jose's butts. it was the best game ever. it started with brianna making this face, over and over and over again.
from there, it could really only go downhill. we proceeded to rhyme every. single. thing. we said for the next.. oh.. half hour. people like us a lot. not.

what i like best right now about bri right now, though, is that nobody blinks twice when (a) we pretend that we're twins (is it immature that we sometimes do that?), or (b) i use her ID card to buy tickets.

gosh we're cool.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

that one time i went rock climbing

what's cool is how good i am at rock climbing.
uhhhh just kidding.
but really.

zach and scott brought me rock climbing.
we climbed this bad boy.


juuuuust kidding again.

this is what happened: i got my harness on. i put the rope through the thing. i started climbing. i got stuck. i didn't know where to go. i started freaking out. so scott jumps on the wall and climbs up and moves my feet where they need to be. i'm feeling good about things. i fall. i scream. zach and scott think i'm a girl. i am a girl. scott's still just chillin' on the wall without a rope. the same wall where i just barely freaked out about falling to my death. guess i wasn't really up that high after all.

i don't think i'm meant to be a rock climber.
or a repeller. that's freaking terrifying.

i like rock climbing.

(also, for the record, costa vida is the love of my life on account of the fact that it is all gluten free. yyyyuuuummmmmmmmmyyy.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

here's to happiness

ten things that make me terribly happy
( here )

10. that aubrey is home. :)
9. crepe bars at wedding receptions.
8. meeting lauren at said wedding reception.
7. getting a 91% on my isys test. (apparently i am incapable of getting anything except a 91 or 92 on any test this semester. weird.)
6. the new iphone operating system.
5. that my parents will be here in a month.
4. m.a.c. false lashes mascara
3. sushi.
2. costa vida, jersey shore, and soccer games.
1. heels and pencil skirts.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

hitting all the important things..and then doing mah homework

a) i'm hot. like, literally. because i just woke up and last night the heat got set at 75 degrees and (surprise!) heat rises. so despite the fact that my window is open about two feet and every vent in my loft is closing, it is freaking hot. saaaavvveee mmmeeee.

b) i like football games and i'm happy there's one tonight.

c) yesterday brianna fed me at the cannon center not once, but twice. breakfast at that place is bomb.

d) the only thing better than getting a class cancelled is getting my once-a-week-four-hours-on-a-thursday-night class cancelled. because, let's be honest, four hours is way. too. long. especially when you suck at drawing. and i'd much rather experience ihop's pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes than sit in class.

e) last night zach and i went to real steel. was i a tiny bit skeptical? i was. but did i love it? i did. also, there was a six-year-old boy behind us who started the movie by telling his mom she was his "BFFF" over and over again, and provided commentary throughout the entire movie. some guy called a black guy "brother" in the movie and he goes, "he called him brother cause they're friends." so freaking cute.

f) aaaaand now a day of homework awaits me! plus it's 50% off at gap so that's probably gonna be happening too. and i desperately need a new pair of shoes because my vans give my blisters, my sperrys give my blisters, and nothing else is water-proof. great. i hate shoe shopping.

g) i'd really like to go make my to-do list now so that i can get everything done today. it would be really nice to have a day just to do nothing tomorrow.. so wish me luck.

h) jackets with thumb holes are the greatest invention ever.

i) also there's a parade outside. what's the parade for? i have no idea.

Monday, October 3, 2011


lately i've been thinking a lot about being happy regardless of life.

most parts of my life are great right now. i love my job, i love byu, i love my classes, i love my friends, i love general conference, i love that my sisters live close, i love that my studying is paying off, i love that fall is coming.

some things are just not wonderful though. i super don't like my apartment, i hate the heat being turned on every. freaking. day. when it's 85 degrees outside, i'm tired of stomachaches, i dislike that my best girl friends living three hours away, and i'm sick of complicated life situations.

and yet, despite all the things that i would change if it were up to me, i've been happy these past few weeks. i've been really, really happy. because it's not about tomorrow. it's not about what life would be like if i still lived at king henry, or if i hadn't broken up with my boyfriend, or if i had instantly bonded with my ward and had roommates that i adore. it's just about today, and today i get to be happy.

it's like president uchtdorf said last week:
"don’t close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each day’s ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life."

and also, someday i'll stop being lame and start taking pictures.