Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thiiiiiiiiis month is such a special one, it's birthday time for youu

That is the song my husband has sung approximately three times per day for the past month. It starts as a Primary song and morphs into a yo-ho-yo-ho pirate song, and then has a little bit of a improv verse. It's lovely and I'm going to miss it, especially when I very first wake up, because July has been a marvelous birthday month.

I suck at blogging and I suck at taking pictures and that's all whatever. I'm really very happy and that's what matters, I guess. My birthday was on Friday (hooray for being 21) and Jason planned every bit of the weekend to spoil me with my favorite things. It started with breakfast in bed..birthday waffles. Does it really get better than that?


The rest of the weekend consisted of:
  • lunch at Zupas
  • sealings at the temple
  • grilled cheese at Firehouse subs
  • a walk around the mall
  • a new iPod armband
  • seven-layer chocolate cake at Iggy's
  • See's chocolates
  • sleeping in
  • Kneaders french toast for breakfast (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • shopping at a cute little store and buying a piece to decorate my house
  • lunch at Cafe Rio with the Demkes
  • a relaxing afternoon
  • a trip to Hobby Lobby for loads and loads of craft supplies!
  • a surprise visit from Megan and Egan
  • Magleby's chocolate cake
  • a chick flick
  • waking up super early
  • Bubba's farewell!!!!! 
  • working on my crafts (pictures soon!)
  • and lots and lots of smiles.
I mean, doesn't that sound pretty perfecto? I think yes.

Of course we don't really have any pictures from the weekend. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!

The other highlight of my weekend was Sunday night, when I wanted mac and cheese sosososososo bad. But we didn't have any. So we cut up lasagna noodles and poured cheese sauce on them.


Coulda been worse, if I do say so myself.

Anyhow, my weekend was absolutely perfect. Thanks Jas :)