Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's embarrassing is...

last night it was time to do my laundry. so when jason called at seven and said he was on his way home from working out and did i want to go get something to eat with him in twenty minutes, i realized i had nothing to wear. literally, nothing to wear. so i did what any reasonable girl in my position would do and put on leggings and a shirt and a cardigan.

while jason ate a hamburger and fries, i ate half a hot fudge sundae. some of which ended up on my shirt. ummm oops? but no big deal. no big deal at all cause then we went home and life was fine.

except i didn't get to bed til late last night, which meant when i woke up this morning, the last thing i felt like doing was putting together an outfit. so i did was any reasonable girl in my position would do and put on the same outfit i wore for three hours last night, only with jeggings instead of leggings.

aaaaand then i got to work and looked down and saw the chocolate on my shirt.

what's embarrassing is when you have a giant water spot on your shirt because you had to try to scrub out a chocolate stain because you rewore the same shirt you already wore.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the good, the bad, and the ugly

thanksgiving weekend, it would appear, is officially over. i almost had an anxiety attack yesterday when i was told the last day of classes is next week. say whaaaa?!!

anyhow, thanksgiving was fantastic. i wish i had pictures to show for it, but surprise! i don't. all i have is this picture i took at church of four old men who were best friends. so cute.
so not cute enough to be the only picture from the weekend.

bri and i spent the weekend at cristina's, watching some shows, playing with bentley, eating d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. cristina-food (i swear she is the best), and sleeping in til ten. (TEN?! can't even remember the last time i've slept that late. it felt so good..) oh, and bringing bentley on walks which turn into carries when he sits his little bum down and absolutely refuses to move, oh, about three houses down.

we ended the weekend with a four hour game of phase 10. not an exaggeration. eight to midnight, one round, 700 rounds. i broke 1000 points. dan won with 450. the most ridiculous game of phase 10 in my life.

anyhow, i'm about done with thankfulness lists in the blog world.. so much so that i realized on thanksgiving that i was so thanksgiving-ed out from blogs and pinterest that i hadn't even thought about what i am grateful for. so here's a brief list:
- my parents - living close to my sisters - Heavenly Father - a job that i love - a sharp decrease in stomachaches - a boyfriend who treats me so well - good grades - general conference talks - christmas -

Monday, November 21, 2011

it's pumpkin bread season

i should be in bed, but it's so, so hard when it feels like a weekend. i will regret this in the morning when my alarm rings at 6:45 and i try to convince myself that showering is, in fact, a good idea. ehhhh that's debatable.

-i spent my night making three loaves of pumpkin bread and a pan of gluten free pumpkin muffins. my momma would be proud.


-tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day, mayyybe even better than today. tomorrow consists of (a) work, plus an extra two hours of work, (b) stats (okay, not so cool..), (c) lehi with jason, (d) CHELSEACHELSEACHELSEA. hoorayyyyy.

-i encountered a married couple in the tampon aisle tonight at the grocery store. they were in the middle of a lengthy debate regarding which tampons were most cost-efficient. followed by an explanation of what absorbency she needs. umm how bout we not do that?

-i need to make my christmas list. so far all that's on there is this jacket and a computer screen. (but that might not be the exact jacket, mom, so let me check. i can't remember. don't buy that one yet. kaythanks. :) ) i can't even think of anything else i need/want. bummer.

-why am i still awake? i do not know. i've asked myself that several times in the last ten minutes. i should probably take care of that.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

i spent the day in sweatpants.

i spent the day in sweatpants and it was magic. i woke up to homemade rice flour waffles from grandma and mom. i sat on the couch under a blanket for a while doing homework. i showered and got ready and sat on a dry pebble on top of a frozen cold rock so we could take family pictures without my butt getting icy cold and wet. i put my sweatpants and slipper socks back on the instant i got back inside. i ate grilled cheese made by mom and dan on gluten free bread. i took an hour and a half nap and woke up feeling groggy but not wanting to go back to sleep. i sat on the couch for a half an hour, having finished my homework and not having brought anything to slc to study, and realized it was the first time in months i've been bored. grandma was at the grocery store, bri was reading some arabic book, mom and dad were shopping, jas was in lehi and i was bored. so i taught myself to play a song on the piano until grandma and mom and dad got home, when we went to olive garden and i changed out of my sweatpants in the car and i ate gluten free pasta (can i be done with this gf crap yet?) and then immediately popped back into my sweatpants and played seven wonders for two hours at cristina's. and now i am in bed under three blankets and next to a fourth and wearing my sweatpants, and i'm not even one tiny bit tired because i took a nap for an hour and a half at five.

i love sweatpants and i love lazy saturdays but i hope i never have to be bored again.

bentley james

my parents are in utawwwh for the weekend which is absolutely fantastic. the highlights of my weekend so far include:

1. taking family pictures. uhhhh NOT.

2. bri and i suck at wearing the same clothes. absolutely. suck. oooooopppsss.


3. homemade cafe rio at cristina's. i'm absolutely certain my mother and cristina are two of the best cooks in the world. and when they make a meal together, it makes me die inside.

4. most importantly of all, cristina got a puppy. and his name is bentley and he's the love of my life and the most darling thing in all the world.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


i haven't blogged in forever. i haven't written in my journal in forever. i haven't emailed my grandma in forever. i'm a slacker, but it's not on purpose. it's only because there aren't words to say how happy i am. i sit down and nothing comes to my fingers because i'm too happy. i can't stop smiling, ever. i can't sleep at night. i want to skip through the halls at work. life is perfect and that's all i can say. i can't say it any other way.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

dear you,

dear people who come into my office,
if i hear that universally obnoxious tone of voice ask "mind if i borrow your stapler?" one more time, i am going to throw the stapler at your head. also in this category is "i think i'm supposed to turn in a copy of the midterm here..?", "ummmm.... i have a midterm..", and "is there a place i can drop my midterm off in here?" because those questions are almost followed by a "for which professor?" from me, an answer from the student that's the same as the 60 students who proceeded him, and a point of the finger from me. "right there. in that box. two inches from your hand. thank you and good bye."

dear slap watch,
i think you're the best. and so is jdem#10 for buying you for me when i was having a supahhh stressful day. and flowers. and for other reasons, too, but that's the main one i'll address at the moment.

dear friday after 3 pm,
i need you to be here. i am running on far too little sleep, a giant headache, an enormous stomachache, and the anticipation of a loooong to-do list this weekend.

dear pajama day,
why do you stop existing after elementary school?? i liked pajama day. however, uggs are a passable second choice. putting my feet in those babies is like snuggling in bed all. day. long. even when it's a nice day and i probably should be in shoes.

dear hiring process,
you. suck.