Thursday, March 21, 2013

juice and work and weddings

We've been drinking juice a lot lately, twice a day. I've gotten my juicing routine down each evening. My PR is 30 minutes from the time the fridge opens to the time the counter is wiped clean.

My boss posted my job on the student job board this week. I get six or seven emails a day with resumes. It's weird to think about somebody else in this job.

My cousin is getting married tomorrow. Jason and I took the day off of work, and I excused myself from class. It's our first self-imposed three-day weekend since the summer, I think. On Monday I woke up and said, "Only three more days of waking up this early!" On Tuesday I woke up and said, "Only two more days of waking up this early!" ...then I found out we're picking my parents up for the wedding, so I have to get up that early on Friday anyhow. It made waking up on Wednesday and Thursday a difficult task.

Being married is nice. I'm constantly on the lookout for peanut butter desserts to spoil my husband with. It makes him happy. I don't even like peanut butter that much. But I sure like to eat it with him.

I got to head up Bingo at the assisted living home yesterday. It was the highlight of my week.

Jason and I have been making puzzles a lot lately. I mean, we've made two in three weeks. That's a lot, I guess. We always intend to finish it by Sunday but it never gets done. Which means it sits on our coffee table for the entire week and makes the whole house look messy. I guess that's what happens when you live in a tiny apartment. But, it's fun and I like it a lot.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I ran five miles yesterday for the second time in two weeks. I'm working up to run 20 miles a week. I miss training for a half marathon. But it's nice to have some running goals after almost a year of lifting weights and doing cardio and not focusing on running. I love running.

Sometimes I think we're too smart with our money. We've been juicing for a month now. By juicing I mean making a smoothie and then straining it through a sieve. It takes a long time and I sometimes wish I was a whale so I could strain the baby chunks out through my teeth. Finally we decided to buy a real juicer. Unfortunately that means waiting for a textbook to be shipped to Amazon so Amazon can buy it from us and give us an Amazon giftcard so we can buy our juicer. Huurrrrryyy, UPS truck. It's only one juice a day, just for lunch, but it gives us a lottt of energy and a lot of nutrients. We like it a lot.

 photo photo_zps4680e8ce.jpg

Today is one of those days where I didn't realize how stupid my outfit looks until I got to campus. Embarrassing.

I have very mixed feelings about graduating this summer. On one hand, it's pretty exciting and what I've been working towards for the past four years. On the other hand, I like knowing what I'll be doing six months or a year from now. I like staying in my comfort zone, and school is my comfort zone.

On the bright side, I was basically offered my dream internship last night, so that's something to be excited about. And I'm job-shadowing a girl at an assisted living home who is giving me full reins of the art program. Secretly I'm nervous but I'm also excited.

 photo IMG_7759_zps5e4790b2.jpg

I run out of things to cook for dinner. My number ones are taco salad (okay that's always my number one. Favorite food right thurrr), bbq chicken salad, Indian haystacks, and crockpot chicken. Sometimes I feel like we mainly rotate between those four meals. I get tired of them. So I make goals to make something new every week, and I do for a while, and then I stop again. I'm in a "stop again" phase. So I gotta get on that.