Friday, May 16, 2014

things i am loving

+ Cafe Rio. We are nothing if not creatures of habit, and we have been to Cafe Rio every Friday night for the past.. oh.. three months. Last weekend we went Friday and Saturday. Heaven help us.

+ Giving my students raises. Because sometimes there are some really wonderful things about being the boss, and my students are so, so great, and giving them raises is fun.

+ This barley and chickpea salad. And chickpeas in general. Favorite food right thuuur. Poor Jason has been a GREAT sport as I've cooked almost exclusively whole foods, plant based, vegan foods for the last two months. But, I mean, the poor kid would probs love if I'd have a cookie with him every now and then (see previous post re: cookie intervention. Those days are long gone, my friend. Long gone.). Or even served him hot freshly-cooked chicken, instead of keeping a sliced chicken breast in the fridge and telling him to have at it if the beans and grains and vegetables just don't cut it.

+ Spring. Duh. Last night Jason had a four hour class and I wanted him to be home so bad so we could go for a walk. So instead I went for a walk by myself like a dork. I need a dog so it doesn't look weird.

+ Impromptu lunches with Grandma and my cousin Maggie! Grandma came down to go to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU with Maggie and they invited me to lunch and you bet your bottom dollar I was out the door of my office in a flash and a half. It was fab.

+ This year has flown. I guess this could be a good or a bad thing, but I'm counting it as good because (a) it means Brianna is way closer to coming home than she was, ya know, before this year flew by, (b) Jason's aaaaalmost done with school, and (c) it's summer!!!!