Monday, December 30, 2013

Tis the season to be jolly

Life isn't so bad when you have five weekends in a two week period.

Or when you get a new job a few weeks before Christmas and get all sorts of exciting things like benefits and paid holidays and a desk of your own.

Or when your husband gets to quit his job to accept an internship in a hospital.
Or when he finds out he has only 21 more credits until graduation.

Or when your family has been here for ten days and you put 500 miles on the car running between Provo and Lehi and West Valley.
Or when you get to Skype with your sister on Christmas morning.

Or when you're about to have another two days off, only this time there will be no running all around and you get to relax and eat Two Jacks pizza and breadsticks and go to the gym and sleep in and reorganize your living room to fit your new Christmas couch and hang out with your best friend/husband.

Or when you're happy. :) Which I am :)

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