Wednesday, January 29, 2014

more thoughts

BYU offers zumba, yoga, and cycling classes during lunch for faculty and staff. I can't get enough of my cycling class. It is awesome and I love it. Also, I can now stiff-legged deadlift and squat 120 pounds, so I'm feelin pretty good about that.

I've been making homemade bread for our lunches and it's delish. Except this week the bread didn't rise cause I killed the yeast, so it's the densest, heaviest bread you can imagine. I mean it still tastes good but this morning Jason asked for his sandwich to be made on the wonderbread leftover from the sacrament on Sunday instead of homemade bread today, so yeah, you could say it didn't turn out that well.

For some reason Jason calls me Bucket. It started when we first were married and he called me Fancy Pants. And then for some reason, Fancy Pants morphed into Fancy Bucket, and then just Bucket. It is now Jason's reflex to call me Bucket. I knew we had a problem when I tripped and his first reaction was, "Ohhhhh, bucket! Are you okay?!" Sometimes I find notes for me around our house with a bucket drawn on the front. I mean I guess it's quicker than writing "Amy"?

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