Monday, November 11, 2013


One thing I've learned is that turkey sausage is just not good enough to justify buying it, despite its nutritional value. I just can't get over how much I hate it. There are not enough spices in the world to salvage that stuff.

Another thing I've learned is that running regularly again after a three-month hiatus to heal my IT band is the most gloriosu feeling. Foam rolling is fer real, and my knee is almost back to 100%. So yeah, I'd say I'm feelin' pretty good.

I will never in my life have a dog, it's official, but I do kinda miss this little guy. Cristina left Bentley with us while she went on vacay with my parents a few weekends ago, and he grew on me. But, a little bit of poop on the rug was all it took for me to be happy as a clam to hand him off at the end of the weekend.

My cousin and grandma and sister came over on Saturday and we knocked out a rag quilt in six hours to send Bri for Christmas. It was great fun and I am just tickled that we got it done so fast. Mom embroidered Bri's name in Russian on a square, so as soon as that comes, I'll sew the last square in and ship it off to Ukraine! I almost got a blister on my thumb from cutting the seams for two hours, but it's cool. 

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